Regulations of the Trail Running Camp 14-24, February 2017
„Trail Running Camp”

    MANUFACTORY Marchuk Ilya
    st. Niedźwiedzia 29B, 02­-737 Waraw, Poland.
    NIP: 1231302457
  2. Terms and Conditions
    For participating in the camp you need to:
    1. be up to 18 years old;
    2. confirm your participation via email for address
    3. make a prepayment and whole fee at the first day of the camp
    4. sign up an agreement on participation in the trainings at the camp and accept these regulations; also sign up an agreement to use ones image for promotion goals of the Trail Running Camp organized by „MANUFACTORY Marchuk Ilya”
    5. Organizator sets the limit of the participants:
      – minimal number of participants - 10
      – maximum number of participants - 14
    Day 1: ­ arriving and introduction
    Day from 2 to 9: ­ up to 2 trainings per day plus morning exercise
    Day 10: ­last training, ­ lunch ­- 14:00 and departure
    1. You need to register via email
    2. You should make a prepayment 25% of the whole amount. Prepayment will be counted as confirmation of the participation.
    3. Details for transaction: Bank Millennium S.A
      Name of reciever: MARCHUK ILYA
      Account number: 46 1160 2202 0000 0002 2469 9409
      Transaction title: Trail Running Camp 20-28 August, prepayment, Name Surname
    4. You can pay the rest of the fee in cash at the camp or make a transaction with the title: Trail Running Camp GranCanaria 2017, whole fee, Name Surname.
    5. Once the payment is made it cannot returned or refunded, except for cases when we don't reach the minimum number of participants.
  5. Provided by organizer
    1. 10 nights in the house El Majadal in Tejeda
    2. 3 meals
    3. Up to 2 trainings per day plus morning exercises
    4. 2­-3 persons in the room
  6. Final notes
    1. The camp will be held regardless of the weather conditions
    2. Participants are fully responsible for all the risks that might occure during the camp (the relevant medical examinations and health insurance are recommended)
    3. The organizer does not provide participants with any type of insurance
    4. The organizers reserve their right to cancel the camp within 20 days before its beginning in case of the required minimum number of participants will not be confirmed.